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What is estate guru?

Estate guru is a very popular organization which has been formed by property professionals. This company supports lending through peers and also facilitates property loans for short term and also mid term. Many customers are attracted to deal with estate guru due to the flexibility and lenient procedures which are inculcated within the organization. It is the main goal of this company to provide flexible and hassle free financing procedures to entrepreneurs, property developers. The success of estate guru will be growing further up due to its convenient methods implemented. Estate guru is successfully established in Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia. Estate guru has been able to attract so many businessman, entrepreneurs and investors who seek for better opportunities for a better return and success in the near future. By dealing with estate guru, no one becomes a looser. Everyone gains something better out of it. Therefore it is always a win win situation than one side party profit seeking.

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How is it working?

Estate guru functions all its procedures in a very lenient manner making it easier for estate developers and also entrepreneurs. Estate guru facilitates loans of up to EUR 50,000 – 300,000 and its also being secured with a maximum amount of LTV of 75%. This organization has been able to successfully offer loans more than a sum of €24.5 million. Today, estate guru proudly consists of more than 7200 investors who belong over to more than 39 countries. In the near future, estate guru has new plans of bringing this procedure to a bigger exposure and success. Once the proposals are brought forward by particular investors or any other individual, estate guru would do its necessary analysis and specifications needed to proceed forward methodically. And once all documents are legally disclosed, all positive procedures will be conducted within a very short period of time in a hassle free and very convenient way.

What are the advantages in investing in estate guru?

When it comes to reasoning out why investors are attracted to estate guru, there are so many reasons here to understand why. By now you and I are already aware of the convenient, hassle free and lenient procedures that are conducted by estate guru. So that’s number one. Then the attractive and premium interest rates that are being offered to their investors. The stability of the offering organization too had to have a strong backbone to stay true to their investors. This too has become a major advantage for investors to come over to estate guru due to the financial stability they consists of.

Estateguru review: selectivity

Many people who have dealt with estate guru went on to say how things became much easy for them in their lives. The extremely low interest rates have backed people up and supported them to stand up on their own in supporting the investors and entrepreneurs success as well. These criteria has always brought good reviews to a stable and popular company who works towards making lives better and successful. The convenient procedure that has not inquired about too many loop holes has given the opportunity to almost anyone to be an investor. Many enthusiastic investors, businessman and entrepreneurs work closely with estate guru due to the massive opportunity that are opened for them out there.

Estateguru reviews: special offers

There are special offers offered everyday by estate guru who has a mission over its flexibility and provisions. The loans obtained are probably backed up by real estates which is a stress free process. The LTV’s are often less than 75%. The interest rates are convenient and extremely low. This is a great advantage for all investors to invest something on what they have been dreaming for. Indeed this is reason for the growing success of estate guru and for more and more customers to enter the field of investing through estate guru. From estate guru, everyday is a special day for you to invest and grab a special offer from this company. It is indeed a top rated organization of such field due to the amazing offers and features it possesses of.

Estateguru review: volume

Estate guru has the strength and capability of offering loans to a large sum which has totalled up of €24.5 million. This is a great capacity provided by estate guru itself. The structure and the stability gives investors a fearless process of investment. 12.43%* have been the highest rates return as a historical mark for this company. Therefore we could understand the high volume resistance of estate guru. The statistic of success of estate guru has brought all enthusiastic investors to note it.



Estateguru review: Rates and durations

The rates and payment durations are all made flexible to understand any investors pulse. It is due to the convenient acts and methods that are being implemented by estate guru that they are now the rulers of this particular field. The interest rates are as low as 9% which is indeed a really low rate. This gives so much support for the investment about their repayment plans. The durations of this is also prepared in a session of flexibility and convenience. So the rates of estate guru is low and durations plans are great as well.

Estateguru review: Sponsorship

Estate guru provides sponsorship for businessman, entrepreneurs or investors who intend to acquire specific or necessary funding. This is a major service provided by estate guru towards individuals. Once a business proposal is disclosed, the head of professional team of estate guru will go through it and analyse the particular application of the business proposal. Then afterwards a valuation is done by the authorised individual who will act as a third party. If all these valuations and necessary particulars have met and matched and also if there is positive exit strategy. Then a loan plan will be opened up for investments. Estate guru will take in charge of releasing funds to the particular borrower just within a few days of time, less than 20 days. Therefore we could see how easy it is to proceeds things with estate guru. If you have all documents to legal procedures, then for sure your business proposal will be accepted within this fast track procedure of estate guru.


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Estateguru review: How to credit your account and minimum investment amount?

As mentioned and stated before that it is very convenient to deal your workings with estate guru due to its flexibility and convenience. Any type of investor regardless of entrepreneurs, businessman or investors are easily able to disclose their business proposal in order to obtain necessary particulars. There is also a minimum amount required by estate guru as per investment. When investing through estate guru the minimum amount which has to be incurred as an investment it EUR 50. So with a small amount of just €50 you are given the opportunity here to start your investment and begin to gain more profits in the upcoming future. There are so many benefits here as towards working with estate guru and gaining all these advantages are what investors probably do for more success. It is an amazing fact that, a well reputed organization like estate guru, gives opportunities to investors to invest with a small amount as €50 which is really beneficial for almost anyone and everyone.

It’s very easy and convenient to create your brand new project and start applying for funding to come in. For this you ought to have a clear picture of your project of which you intent to disclose in order to expect any source of funding to happen. It is essential that you disclose all necessary information regarding your future project you intent to begin. Afterwards complete the necessary funding application by adding essential particulars. It is also important that you do not forget to mention the expected or targeted amount. Stating other key terms and necessary criteria and also the desired interest rate should be mentioned in this state of application form or any other mean of formal disclosure. Through these measures and formal statements, there will be no confusion and information that has been mislead. Therefore it is a perfect mode of giving investors the opportunity to state all their expectations and required conditions as per their own wish.

Estateguru review: Repayment

The re payment plans are organised through real estate dealers who would then deal with the investor regarding lenient and convenient repayment plans. Estate guru is mainly famous around the globe for all its very convenient and flexible dealings. So are the repayment plans that are adjusted here as well. Once again it is a proud act of estate guru to state that, all repayment plans once again dealt with us are free from confusions and disruptions. The repayment period is also kind of a payment period which gives the investors quite a long time to take their time and settle them along with a low interest rate as well. Therefore it is with the feeling of less fear that investors of all different kind, come to estate guru for investment procedures.

When it comes to repayment plans, according to the repayment schedule and criteria the burrower is required to make payments of interest and principal payments of the relevant plan. There is also a portfolio page being created by the site and here, investors are given the opportunity to monitor and have track of all the interest and repayments along with a range of receipts that are being available for any reinvestment or withdrawal purposes. This is the simplest form of rules and regulations that has to be adhered by the estate guru investors who are interested in dealing with this organization for future benefits and success. The repayment methods that are undertaken by estate guru come under a very professional state of art that gives both parties a stable dealing to work with confidence and surely expect profits in future.


Estateguru review: Cost of the services

A cost will be incurred for both administration and process particulars for your positive results to be acquired over your investment. Therefore the cost incurred by estate guru will also be a small amount which each and every customer should sacrifice in order for work to proceed smooth and nice. This is nothing unusual when compared with other organizations in the similar field as well. But anything with estate guru has no failures to expect other than only gains. So no matter what you spend on estate guru, in the end it is all for the betterment of your future gains and success.

Here at estate guru, they have their own team of professional, specialised and talented group of lawyers who are ready to work with you and meet all your requirements as per your wish. The lawyer fee too is a very reasonable one where you could safe almost half the price of what you would probably intend to spend from a layer whom you bring in externally. Therefore even these sides are looked in to by estate guru which is a very good sign of showing and proving a state of high class hospitality to their customers.

Documents are then offered under a very high stated quality for a very affordable and reasonable cost as well. These documents are made to hold its quality of workmanship indicated with all particulars mentioned. Each and every document prepared for any customer or investor is being specially tailor made according to the necessary details and particulars that has to be mentioned. Therefore we could realise here that estate guru makes everything easy and convenient for anyone and everyone.

Estateguru review: Condition for lenders

In general form there are terms and conditions that are undertaken through estate guru. These terms and conditions at times would be common to all parties regardless of lender or borrower. When it comes to common regulations that are required for both parties it is necessary that both lender and burrower has at least one current account in a specific registered credit institution within the commercial register in Estonia, a different nation affiliated of the registered credit institution within the commercial register of Estonia or in another credit institution that is registered or an area of business in a different contracting state member of the European economic area.



Estate guru review: The interface

Today estate guru has become one of the world’s biggest and  famous organization of lending platform. The interface is clearly basic, but that is not a problem. There are so much of flexible terms and conditions that attract so many investors, businessman and entrepreneurs from all across the globe. Almost anyone is able to begin their dream project with the support of what estate guru would offer. Estate guru has indeed made so many dreams come true and also have earned or gained out of them as well to become bigger and larger lenders to support more and more people in the upcoming near future. All the procedures of what we think could be really complexed when submitting a project is all made easy and simple for almost anyone to understand and adhere too. What’s more to cherish upon this great organization is that, it has its own team of legal advicers or lawyers in hand who are ready to work with you and advice you of what the best decision would probably be in order for you to benefit more returns out of it.

The other thing great about estate guru is that all of these confidential and professional services with lawyers and necessary documentations are all custom or tailor made according each customers criteria and particular details for a very reasonable and affordable price. This gives people the ultimate confidence over working with estate guru for a better future and also a higher return. As mentioned before, there will not be any kind of losers who have felt any mean of guilt after working with estate guru as it has always been planned to be a win-win situation for both parties at all times. Therefore by working with estate guru or even submitting your projects and seeking for support would only put you a step higher and never below than what you stand in present. So it is important for everyone to have faith in estate guru and work forward to gain better future rewards.

Estate guru review: Risk

Just like anything else you probably start to do, has it ups and downs, estate guru too has to make sure to remind of few of those risk factors which could or might visit you. When seeking for loans, there are few things to keep in mind. Some loans provided by estate guru are bullet loans in simple terms it is the process of paying the total amount of payable interest at the end of the loan period. Now this could put you in a higher risk since you may be in A situation to gain lesser amount of capital than you have actually put in. There is also no state of auto investment within the present moment. And when things are being implemented, it will affect on some as a good or positive aspect and would be a bad move for others.

Another thing to remember about estate guru is that not many loans can be obtained by this organizations organisations in a complete month. Therefore it is important to note that, only few loans would be granted by estate guru per month. Therefore you cannot expect anything further from the organizations planned terms and conditions that are being legalised and practiced upon.

When loans are being launched, an email will be sent to you immediately, by the time the particular individual clicks on the link which has been sent, already 25% of the loan will be bought up. And many time or frequently when you visit the site, loans will be already sold. It is to avoid this issue that it is advices for any individual who intent to obtain a loan already deposit a certain amount of money in the particular account before the necessary loans could be launched.

Estate guru review: Conclusion

Estate guru is the world’s fastest growing lending organization that has been able to attract plenty of businessman, entrepreneurs and investors. It may or must have even attracted young individuals who dream of starting their own projects in future. It is a great way to support and provide necessary help for a better future for both parties. Estate guru is very famous for its convenient procedures and lenient documentations that are being carried out all quick and easy. We should be greatly appreciating the fact that there is an organization as such who seeks to help more and more future successors in the upcoming days. Being based in many countries over a much stabilized structure, has brought more people closer to start investing with no fear and doubts.

It is with a very small amount of just EUR50 that an individual is able to invest with this sum being the minimum amount of investment sum required. The rates of interest are as low for almost anyone to stand up in success with its own pace of time and stability. These advantages have made estate guru a reputed organization who works methodically by funding interesting projects that would serve the society in some way in the near future.

I’ve been investing in EstateGuru since April 2016 and I’ve been really satisfied.

The projects are interesting, secured by 1st charge and they can provide you with a steady monthly income.

So far, no project has defaulted, nor it is late.

They have been costantly adding new projects each and every months (usually 2-3 per month), so it is easy to achieve an acceptable diversification.

By now it is a known fact that, all procedures that are required to be completed by estate guru are very flexible and convenient which make dealing with estate guru very easy and simple. This could be another important reason for it to attract so many investors from all across the globe. With very low interest rates and service charges being extremely affordable and reasonable there are so many reasons for individuals to chose estate guru and nothing sale to seek support from. It is due to these above mentioned reasons that today estate guru has turned out to become one of the Worlds leading lenders of where both parties would definitely gain profits that are beneficial for future projects and lending to happen where so many people could benefit in the coming future.

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