Seedrs Review

Seedrs Review: What is Seedrs?

Seedrs is one of the world’s largest equity crowdfunding platforms available and this platform is also called as p2p equity. What is crowdfunding? Well, this term might be familiar with the people who have engaged in investments and other financial related activities. Crowdfunding means getting funds for new business or investment projects by raising small amount of money from larger amount of people. This procedure will benefit both the investors and business owners. So Seedrs provides that platform for startups with the potential of becoming success in the relevant industry.When it comes to the business projects available in this platform, there are so many wonderful ideas stored in most of them and because of that many investors get attracted to use this platform. Since you do not have to spend lot of money for investments, the maximum loss limit will be minimized. So it is the best platform for investors when we consider about the risk factor.

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Seedrs Review: How does Seedrs work?


Well, this is something that is much more important to know if you going to invest or start a project on Seedrs. There are three kinds of campaigns run on Seedrs platform and following facts will give you an idea about how this system work.


  • Equity Campaigns


Among all these three campaigns, this is the most commonly used and simplest campaigns available on Seedrs. Through these equity campaigns, investors are allowed to become shareholders in the business giving them sort of ownership in the business. Investors can get this privilege starting from just 10 Euros which is a unique feature of Seedrs that you cannot see in other investing platforms.


  • Fund Campaigns


This kind of campaigns allow investors to invest in multiple business projects and they can become a shareholder of each startup by investing just 100 Euros. One of the benefits which investors get by investing in fund campaigns is that they can diversify their investments.



  • Convertible Campaigns


These campaigns are usually used by the businesses which are hoping for larger funding rounds. As an investor, you can make your investments on these convertible campaigns which can be converted into equity campaigns in the future starting from just little as 10 Euros which is incredibly impressive.


Seedrs Review: What are the advantages of investing in Seedrs?


When it comes to the benefits or the advantages that you can have as an investor by investing in Seedrs, there are lot to mention about. Given below are some of the most interesting ones among them.


  • Greatest business ideas with higher potential


In Seedrs, most of the startups are really impressive and they have that higher potential which we can see in most of the successful businesses. So your investments will not go in vain.


  • Minimum risk factor


As mentioned before, you can make your investments starting from as little as 10 Euros. So even you loss the total amount, that will not make you feel bad. And you can when you are investing, you can look into the ones with greater investments which implies that those businesses are not going to be failures. So it should be obvious that in contrast to other investment platform, the risk factor in Seedrs is minimum.


  • Considerably high returns


Just as mentioned a little while ago, most of the startups in Seedrs are profitable and have a higher potential. So higher the potential, higher the returns you can make.

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Seedrs Review: When did Seedrs Launch?


Seedrs is a company in United Kingdom and the headquarters are established in London, United Kingdom. By seeing the possibility of combining the investors and the brains with excellent business ideas, Seedrs was launched in 6th July 2012. By now there are over thousands of business projects running on this platform and the minimum funds that these projects get exceed 1000 euros. So this is a platform that benefit both the business owners and investors.


Seedrs Review:How do I sign up?


The Signing up process is the simplest as you get. Just follow the following steps and you will be signed up successfully.


  • Go to and hit the sign up tab.
  • Enter your email and assign a password.
  • Do the email confirmation
  • Enter your country and select the type of account you need to create; individual investor, institutional account or entrepreneur.
  • Fill the fields you get as per your selection.
  • Hit continue and fill the investor profile


You can sign up to Seedrs by just following above steps and then you can start investing. If you are not familiar with the platform, just use the guides given in the site.


Seedrs Review: Who can open an account?


When it comes to open an account in Seedrs, not all the people in the world are allowed to do that. There are some requirements that you have to fulfill in order to sign up to Seedrs and start investing. Following are some of the most important requirements of them.


  • Only the individuals above age 18 are allowed to invest.


As of most of the other investment sites, in Seedrs too you should be a person over age 18 for get eligible to invest in Seedrs.


  • Should be a resident in Europe


If you are over 18 and are a resident in Europe, then you can definitely create an account in Seedrs. Even though you are not a resident in Europe, but have a specific connection to a business campaign in Seedrs, then there is a possibility of you to create an account in Seedrs.


In this process, you may get to verify your identity through a self-certify process and you have to certify whether you are high net worth investor or a sophisticated investor or an everyday investor to complete the investor authorization process.


Even though you are not allowed to make investments because of not being a resident in Europe, you can still be a member in Seedrs and you can get latest updates about what’s going on Seedrs.

Seedrs Review: How can you open an account?

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Seedrs Review: Regulated


When it comes to the features in Seedrs platform, there are many to mention about. Among all these features, there are some features which can be considered as the most interesting and useful ones. One such features is that the Seedrs platform being regulated. Because of this feature, you do not need to worry about the protection of the investments that you are going to make. This feature make sure that no fraud action is going to happen for your investments and the deals that you are going to make are real and genuine. So it should be obvious that this is one of the most impressive features that Seedrs has.


Seedrs Review: What is the minimum deposit/investment?


When it comes to the minimum deposit that you can make in Seedrs, it is really low when compared to the other investment platforms. As mentioned before, there are three types of campaigns run in this platform which are named as equity campaign, fund campaigns and convertible campaigns. The minimum deposit for the equity campaign is 10 Euros and the minimum investment that you can make on fund campaign is 100 Euros while the minimum deposit for convertible campaign is 10 Euros. The benefits that you get through each of these campaigns are unique for them and one common benefit is that you have the chance to become a shareholder in the businesses that you are investing through these campaigns.


Seedrs Review: Selectivity


When consider about investing in Seedrs, there are no restrictions available. You can invest as much as money as per your capability but on your own risk. And you can make investments on any business project available in Seedrs and if you need to know about the features of a business like profitability, the potential that it has and their primary goals, you can just ask for the recommendations of the fellow investors, so that you can be sure about your investments. Although there are no specific selections that you have to make, there are some types of campaigns available in this platform as mentioned above.


Seedrs Review: Special offers


If you are asked for the reason to invest in Seedrs, this should top the list. Special offers are frequently given by almost all the businesses available in the Seedrs platform. This will not be notified by the Seedrs all the time. You should be in alert to grab these chances and if you see one, do not hesitate to pop up on it because these offers are genuine and they will definitely give something more. You know that this is one of those tactics used by most of the startups to get funds and investments in the early stages of their business. So as Seedrs is the best platform for startups, you will not get to have special offers more often. So keep an eye on this regard and benefit from them.


Seedrs Review: Volume


When it comes to investing in the business projects available in Seedrs, there are no volume restrictions specified by the Seedrs management. So you can invest whatever the amount you want starting from just 10 Euros. If you make your investment on the right project, no one can stop you from getting better returns and higher the investments you make on these projects, higher the returns and benefits that you are about to get. So you can make as much as investments you prefer to, but make note that you are making all these investments on your own risk. So make sure you are investing on a profitable project which gives you no loss.


Seedrs Review: Rates and duration


When we consider about the return rates in Seedrs, they are quite impressive and that is one of the major reasons for investors to invest in the business projects in Seedrs platform. And there is no specific notes made about duration in Seedrs platform. So investors can maintain their investments for as long as they prefer to and benefit from those investments in the long run.


Seedrs Review: Sponsorship


There are no any records on sponsorships in the Seedrs platform. But if you are a member in Seedrs, you will be definitely updated with the latest news on Seedrs through email and if there is any news about sponsorships in Seedrs are available, you can get to know about them in quick time.


Seedrs Review: How to credit your account and minimum investment amount


So as mentioned several times earlier, the minimum investment amount that you can make on the projects in Seedrs is 10 Euros and most probably this is only possible in the Seedrs platform. When it comes to crediting your account, this can be done by two ways. You can use cards to deposit money from your bank account to Seedrs’ bank account or you can make bank transfers to deposit money. When crediting money through cards, make note that it is only possible with the UK debit cards not credit cards. However some of the European cards also are allowed to use in this process. All these transfers between your bank account and Seedrs’ are done by a third party payment provider, Stripe. Investors can use Visa and Master cards from most of the countries while some countries are not permitted through Stripe. Anyway these transfers may take few days to complete and as soon as they get completed, you will get a notification from Seedrs.


Seedrs Review: Repayment


When it comes to a business which is in its early stage, there is a greater possibility for it to get failed and this happens by nature. So there is the risk of these businesses getting failed and in Seedrs, lenders can get their repayments if the business failed and business owners may have to repay them personally. Even the business succeeds and still lender asks for his or her repayment, owners will have to react to that even situations occur where cash that could be used to grow the business is taken out for the repayments.


Seedrs Review: Cost of the service


In any investment platform, there are some fees that you have to bare as an investor or as an entrepreneur. So same theory is applied to Seedrs too and there are some costs that they charge from both the investors and entrepreneurs. When we consider about the fees charged for investors, there are some to mention about.


Seedrs only charge fees from investors if the value of the business that they have invested is increasing and investors have to pay 7.5% of any profits that they made through their investors. If the value of the business retains in the same way, then investors do not have to pay any fee. And Seedrs do not charge any fee for management services or any other services.


If investors need to sell their shares, then also they have to pay some fees assigned by Seedrs and if these shares are publicly listed, then they have to pay broker fees too.


When it comes to the fees that have to pay by entrepreneur or the business owners in the Seedrs platform, following are the ones that you should know about.


Entrepreneurs will have to pay 6% of all the funds that they have raised and if the funds complete the 2500 Euro limit, then these business owners have to pay the completions fee or the excl.VAT. And there is another payment for the processing and this processing fee is 0.5%.


It is important to know these fees by investors and entrepreneurs when dealing with the Seedrs platform.


Seedrs Review: Conditions for lenders


There are no much of restrictions for lenders on investing in the projects in Seedrs platform. So as investors or lenders, you can invest as much as you want, but at your own risk. You do not have to think much about restrictions and just make the right investment on right business in right time, so that you can get the full benefits from your investment.


Seedrs Review: Risk


Risk is a common factor for any kind of investments. There is no one who made bigger returns without taking risks. Higher the return you expect, higher the risk that you have to take. So if you are entering to the investments, it is important to get used with the risk factor, otherwise it is impossible to succeed in this field. When it comes to the risk factor in the Seedrs platform, it varies according to the investment you make. If you invest a higher amount on a business with a higher potential to succeed, then your risk is low, but if you are investing on a business with a lower potential, then you might have to face the consequences. So it is up to you to clarify the potential of a specific business, so that you can make the correct decision. Anyhow the minimum investment that you can make is 10 Euros. So you can test a business with the lowest investment, because even if you loss the total amount, it may not cause any issue.




Seedrs Review: Insurance and warranties


There is no any specific terms mentioned regarding Insurance and warranty in Seedrs platform. So most of the time, you are investing at your own risk. So as mentioned earlier, make sure you make the correct decision by investing on the right business in right time. So before making an investments, it is important to do all the clarifications and verifications, so that you will not be facing any losses and because of that you will not have to consider about insurance and warranty at all.


Seedrs Review: Return


The returns that you are going to make with Seedrs is really interesting, because as startups, most of the businesses offer higher returns. So if you have the capacity to differentiate the ones with higher potential, it will be impossible to avoid you from getting higher returns. So all of these possibilities of getting higher returns depend on your decision making. Therefore, as mentioned before, make sure you do the correct investment on correct business in correct time.


Seedrs Review: The interface

When we consider about the features in Seedrs platform, as mentioned before, there are some features which have led this platform to become one of the best investment platform available in the present. The interface that the developers used in Seedrs platform is one such feature which tops the list. This interface is really user-friendly and it is easy to use. Even a person who are not much in to IT field, can use this interface comfortably. Most of the crowdfunding review sites have mentioned this interface as one of the best available and CrowdsUnite which is probably the biggest crowdfunding review site has given an overall rating of 8 for the ease of use factor in this interface. So without a doubt, this is one of the best interfaces available for crowdfunding platforms and as an investor or an entrepreneur, you are privileged to use this great platform.


Seedrs Review: Conclusion


So with all these facts mentioned about, it is obvious that Seedrs is one of the best crowdfunding platforms available in the world. As for now, there are thousands of business projects available in this platform and no matter they succeed or fail, most of them have raised at least 1000 Euros and that is a good sign for any entrepreneur who are hoping to start with Seedrs. If your project has that potential which investors expect, then you can even reach the 1 million Euro mark and there are projects which achieved that goal with their promising business ideas. And for investors, it is impossible to find a better place with minimum of risk. So signed up now and start making as much as investments you need because there are no limits or restrictions that can hold you up. Make the right decisions and that will lead you to have the full return from the investments that you made.

Viainvest review

What is Viainvest?

Viainvest can be considered as a peer to peer lending marketplace, which is specifically designed to cater the needs of private lenders. Any private lender, who is looking forward to invest in loans that are provided by non-bankinglenders,will be able to go ahead and use this platform. It is mainly made out of consumer loan requests that are originated from countries across the Europe. Poland, Latvia and few other Eastern European countries have received much attention out of them.


Viainvest review: How does Viainvest work?


Viainvest differs a lot from the traditional banking methods. That’s because private investors are provided with comprehensive access to the non-banking sector. This is done via a simple process.

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The word ‘mintos’ comes from mint. In Old English, it is a word meaning:

  • a place where coins are made from metal;
  • an abundant amount of something, especially of money;
  • a place or source of manufacture or invention;
  • producing something for the first time.

Thus, our name – Mintos – reflects our mission to facilitate free and efficient movement of capital through technology.

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What is crowdlending?

Crowdlending refers to loans for funding companies or individuals, which is consequently categorized as borrowed capital. Crowd lending is also known as peer-to-peer (P2P) or social lending because funding is provided by individuals or companies that are not financial institutions or financial intermediaries8. Referring to the distinguishing criterion mentioned above to differentiate sub-types of crowd funding, participants (funding providers) receive a payment in return for their funding made available to the project developer (borrower), typically in the form of interest, and although participating loans9 or bonds / notes issuances are also possible. The amount of the interest or return payment varies depending on the risk of the project and borrower, but typically represents a lower interest charge for the borrower that traditional bank lending. Continue reading “Crowdlending”

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Adding the letter “Y”, to the much hyped word “LEND”, was an innovative and trendy marketing innovation when two young entrepreneurs decided to take the might of the United Kingdom’s banking industry and offer a more attractive investment portfolio for all those investors big and small, an initiative which brought richer dividends than the run of the mill investment savings accounts, into which everyone puts their hard earned money into.

The birth of Lendy the Property Platform brought a new dimension to the stalemate property market in the United Kingdom where the banking industry was fighting shy of lending money on a fast shrinking property market where their returns were not as attractive as laying their hands on more lucrative investments with the richer and more stabilized corporate borrowers.


Lendy the Property Platform, whilst throwing caution to the winds, to securely protect investors under their wings, are also prudent to extend opportunities for property developers and investors, who would otherwise have to run from pillar to post, to procure the funding that they would require to proceed with their entrepreneurial ideas.

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What is estate guru?

Estate guru is a very popular organization which has been formed by property professionals. This company supports lending through peers and also facilitates property loans for short term and also mid term. Many customers are attracted to deal with estate guru due to the flexibility and lenient procedures which are inculcated within the organization. It is the main goal of this company to provide flexible and hassle free financing procedures to entrepreneurs, property developers. The success of estate guru will be growing further up due to its convenient methods implemented. Estate guru is successfully established in Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia. Estate guru has been able to attract so many businessman, entrepreneurs and investors who seek for better opportunities for a better return and success in the near future. By dealing with estate guru, no one becomes a looser. Everyone gains something better out of it. Therefore it is always a win win situation than one side party profit seeking.

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Bondora Review

Review on Bondora

 What is Bondora?

In short, Bondora API is an organisation that seeks to help investors with strategies and customised investment plans. They are very supportive of investors who are involved in trade and commerce, and apart from the customised investment plans, they also provide granular reporting.

How does this differ from Portfolio Managers? Isn’t it essentially the same thing? The answer to this is no. Bondora API can provide investors flexibility that others cannot provide. Bondora’s interface for accessing functionality called API provides investors with a range of avenues in which they can invest in providing them in-depth solutions in a transparent mode. At this interface, investors will be able to have total access to all of Bondora’s applications and services.

As an investor with Bondora, you have a definite edge over others who seek the assistance of Portfolio Managers. With information, statistics, analytics provided at your fingertips, investors will be able to bid on investments and loans that suit their budget – what’s best is that it can all be accessed by one click on a single screen.  Each investor will be able to get the most out of the data and services that are freely available to them, by using a common programming language.

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Crowdfunding is a financial transaction tools and methods that involve large numbers of people to fund a project.

This mode of financing is done without the help of the traditional actors of the financing, it is said disintermediated. The emergence of participatory financing platforms was permitted through the Internet and social networks, supplementing or replacing traditional subscriptions. This trend is part of a more global movement: that of collaborative consumption and participatory production.

3 Big categories of crowdfunding

Participatory financing includes 3 big categories subdivided in many small categories
• Donations and reward based crowdfunding
• Crowdlending (include with and without interest) (also known as credit crowdfunding, crowdlending, peer-to-peer lending or private equity) from enterprise or between particular
• Equity crowdfunding including royalties crowdfunding

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