Lendix / october review , get a bonus of 20€

Lendix october, the test, a website with a great risk/return rate in my opinion.

Lendix description

Lendix is a crowd lending platform that puts borrowers, meaning companies, in contact with individual and institutional lenders in order to finance projects in exchange for an interesting return.

Started in March 2015 (it is one of the oldest in France), it is nowadays a leading platform in its domain for the amounts of the projects financed as well as their number. In the Month of April 2016, it bought the platform Finsquare in order to reinforce its business lending practices and its credit portfolio and raised 12 million euros thanks to forefront shareholders like CNP Insurance, Matmut etc. Unfortunately the Finsquare platform accepted low quality projects and as a result, the former lenders saw some losses.

You can easily invest in companies on Lendix, there are some big projects, showed at 4 to 9% fixed rates up until 60months. The companies borrow there with Lendix because they receive a firm answer within 7 days and a complete financing within 17. As always, the company requires no guarantee nor personal bail. Furthermore, Lendix allows the manager to pilot its company as he/she sees fit. After all a manager wants its business to succeed above all.

Why Invest with Lendix? 

Until the end of 2014, the banks represented almost the entirety of the financing for the SOHO/SME. Since October 2014, the said “Crowdfunding” Law opened a first breach in this banking monopoly by allowing the SME to borrow directly from the public thanks to online lending platforms. This new solution constitutes an unprecedented opportunity for the companies to diversify their financing sources.

The loan to SME without banks is also a true revolution for the private and institutional investors that gain a unique access to investments unreachable up until now.

Lendix is the leading platform of lending for SME in France in 205 (source: L’agefi) and won the 2015 Fintech Challenge organized in London by the Boston Consulting Group.

The Crowdfunding represents an excellent way to diversify one’s savings by accessing to a class of assets reserved to the professionals up until now. The same way the e-commerce established itself in a few years, the participatory financing is about to become unavoidable for an optimal management of one’s assets. The regulatory framework is stabilized now, time for the savers to take back the power from the financers! Lendix’s interests are also yours.

Do you know why I like Lendix? Look at the small sentence under the picture. Lendix’s managers automatically lend to all projects. Their interests are in line with yours. I think that’s great.

The institutional investors automatically fill the private lender’s share on each project.

We accept the risk taken by lending, which, unfortunately isn’t really the job of the banks nowadays.

Olivier Goy, creator of Lendix.

You save on financial intermediaries’ fees

The distribution of financial products is one of the last sector still not revolutionized by the internet: its disruption is finally brought on by the crowdfunding. The crowdfunding platforms allow to invest directly in a class of assets that up until now were only accessible to investment funds, assets managers or private bankers. Bypassing those “distributors” of the traditional financial industry, the crowdfunding platforms establish a disintermediation that favors the savers and the entrepreneurs. The investors really benefit from the profitability of their investment thanks to reduced fees and they save time and can focus on the development of their business.

We participate in job creation

Fleur Pellerin, the (former) French Digital Economy Secretary, said this inconvenient truth directly “the jobs of tomorrow will not be created by the companies of today. When we fight for employment and competitiveness, me must prioritize the companies with high growth”. According to the last barometer of France Digitale, made with EY, the start-ups that received capital funding interrogated have augmented their staff numbers by 25% between 2011 and 2012, with 89% of permanent contracts! According to this barometer, 81% of these companies open their capital to their employees and the difference in earnings between the managers and the average income is at most 2.7. To accompany these companies is to contribute to the creation of a new growth model. (Source huffingtonpost.fr)

Opening of local shops, of unusual restaurants or food trucks, there are many projects related to food that surf on the crowdfunding wave. The banks are always more and more cautious, that way, the carriers of small projectsask to the internet users that respond positively and invest massively. Even if the total amounts allocated are not that important, the number of investor is enough to launch projects.

Take part in the real economy

On Lendix, you help towards the success of innovative and promising French companies, who have chosen to call upon you to finance their development. By supporting them, you maintain the French entrepreneurial dynamic, and therefore help to make our economy a major instigator for innovation.

Let’s Diversify

The crowdfunding represents an excellent way to diversify your savings by accessing a class of assets hitherto reserved to professionals. In the same way that e-commerce has imposed itself within a few years, participative finance is on the point of becoming essential for the optimal management of your funds. The regulatory framework is now stabilized, it’s up to savers to regain power over financers!

We can choose our investments

The time of experts who knew and savers that followed is gone. The Internet allows access to all the necessary information to guide a choice of investment. The crowdfunding platforms in fact give access to all the necessary tools: you do your own research, you exchange directly with the leaders of the companies, you see all the financial documentation and you share your opinion with other investors. You are now in control of your investments and you can create your wallet in a few clicks, as any financial professional can. Investment opportunities are finally accessible to all, and no longer only to a restricted circle of insiders.

We have reassuring figures

In what concerns figures Lendix’ figures were, on December 31st, 2015, 57 projects (5 780 studied), for a total amount of 11 322 752 €. The total amount loaned is 1 351 338 €. The reimbursements paid to lenders 145 636 €. The interest paid to lenders represent 145 636€.

 Lendix review : selectivity of cases

100% of the files selected by Lendix will get their funding between 4 to 15 days but often the financial platform for the projects in only a few hours. For a company whose the responsiveness criterion is important, the crowdfunding at lendix is therefore a very interesting alternative. The faster things go, the more the company can concentrate on its core strategic activity. We often find this point in lendix advertisements.

The advantage is that if Lendix accepts your case you are then sure to get the funding. In effect if there had not been enough investors to finance the loan then Lendix completes it thanks to its own funds, this creates the possibility for a company to obtain its financing a few days after the acceptance of its case. There are no longer enough good applicants

The biggest advantage is the fact that the leaders of Lendix lend automatically to all projects. Lendix having to invest from its own pocket from the funds of its principals, is obliged to ascertain the cases with ta high risk of ending up with a loss, loss is bad for its image and for the principals funds. “All very small companies, SME’s or mid-caps who seek to diversify their sources of funding interest us. We are a true complement to the banks. In confidence, simple, fast and with financing without guarantor or warranty” says Olivier Goy, founder of Lendix.

The institutional investors automatically complement the funds of private lenders on each project.

Lendix is characterized by ongoing impressive figures and the number of achievement records set are equally good. “Thanks to a solid base of private and institutional lenders, we are to this day, the only providers of  loans in France that have the ability to lend between 30 000 € and 1 000 000 € ” explains Olivier Goy, founder of Lendix. Lendix, first provider of loans to achieve a funding of 1 000 000 € to a SME in a single tranche.

Lendix review : Registration

Regsistration to Lendix as a lender is very simple.

The registration can be done in just a few clicks and the furthermore it allows you to earn 20€ if you decide to place a minimum of 500€ is already 5% gain of office!


Lendix like many crowdfunding platforms allows 2 payoff systems, the first is pure investment (the core business) and the second is the acquisition of new customers through sponsorship (or you mmay say through affiliation) since having a good product is not sufficient, it must be made known, especially in finance because it takes large amounts to be profitable and pay the fixed charges.

Small detail, if the sums lent are very low, you can not validate your account immediately.

Like any self-respecting crowdfunding organization in France, Lendix adheres to the obligations that banking organizations can have by asking through ‘’know your customer’’ (to fight against money laundering and terrorism, and finally, I think, especially tax evasion)

Copy of identity documents , proof of domicile, RIB, small questionnaire of 5 questions to assess your level of knowledge on the risks of investing on such a platform of Crowdfunding.

Validation via code sent by SMS on your smartphone. Note that to withdraw where to invest, it is necessary systematically to validate all the operations through a code received by sms, which is sometimes very annoying.

Validation is done within 48 hours.

Lendix review : Statistics

Firstly and without doubt, Lendix, the platform of participatory loans created at the beginning of 2015 by Olivier Goy, former founder of the society of investment capital 1.2.3. Venture, has not only achieved the vertices of the first place of the market in volume, but it has also ensured its dominance by crushing Finsquare and strengthening its capital for international development in Spain, currently under development.

Since the launch of the platform with a loan to Alain Ducasse in March 2015, Lendix has made more than 60 million loans to 182 companies of which 10 million plus 1.6 million interest has already been repaid to the financiers. The key to this success with companies is a guarantee of financing before the end of operations and its ability to finance large projects, from more than 500,000 euros to 1 million euros, which is rather rare in the field.

The result of this redemption? A concentration on SMEs with an average turnover of € 25 million and an average loan of € 226,000 per operation, while Unilend, the biggest platform and the pioneer in France, is relegated to the second rank and concentrates on young companies with an average loan amount of 77,000 euros. It is noteworthy that these statistics are evolving rapidly, whether at Lendix or on other crowdfunding or crowdlending platforms.

Lendix Review: Sponsorship

The sponsor and the sponsoree each get a premium of 20€ when the sponsoree abounds his lender account of 500€!

Lendix Review: Crediting your account and investment amount

Lendix simply offers 2 ways to credit your account:

By blue card (“it is a purchased on the Internet”, you have to think about authorizing purchases with the bank). Attention ! This can however can quickly exceed your purchasing limit. This is an ideal method to make a quick investment because the account is quickly credited.

By bank transfer, more classic but slower yet convenient for large amounts.

You can lend on each business project between 50 and 2 000 € and following the change of law this can increase the maximum from 1000 to 2000 €.

Lendix review : Refund

Repayments are made monthly and include part of the capital and interest, deduction of taxes (flat-rate levies and social contributions). It is neither more nor less than a credit of which you are the banker. The only thing that matters to you therefore is to be refunded.

Once the loan is in place, you no longer have to worry about it! Lendix is ​​responsible for the monthly withdrawals from your bank account of the deadlines indicated in the schedule. You do not have to transfer or send a check. Just be careful if need be you sometimes have to electronically sign warrants for various overlays.

Please note that a company can repay a loan early after half the term of the loan has expired, subject to early redemption (IRA) of 4% of the outstanding principal.

For example, for a loan of € 100,000 over 48 months at 5%, you the company with the possibility to repay by anticipation after 24 months. At that time, the amount of the remaining capital will be 52,493 € and the IRA 2,100 €. This amount is divided equally between the lenders and Lendix.

Lendix review: service fees

As with most participatory financing platforms, the application presentation for funding is completely free, including the analysis phase by the Lendix credit team. It is only when the loan is set up that the fees are due (3% for the file preparation and 1/12% for the flows management), the latter will be clearly and transparently detailed in the loan offer. These costs represent financial expenses which will be recognized as such in the profit and loss account of the company, resulting of course a decrease of the taxable result.


Upon funds payment, Lendix charges a project mounting commission equal to 3% of the amount borrowed. This commission is deducted directly from the amount paid into the bank account. For example, a company borrows € 100,000, the project mounting commission will be 3% of € 100,000 = € 3,000. The bank account will be credited with € 97,000.


In addition, a fee management commission equal to 1/12% of the amount due is invoiced monthly as part of the financial flows management. It covers, in particular, the costs associated with the treatment of the many financial flows (deduction of a maturity from your bank account and the distribution of this amount among all lenders, pro rata to the amount lent) and is directly deduct from the borrower’s monthly maturities.

For example, on a loan of € 100,000 to 5% over 48 months, these costs will be € 83 for the first month and € 24 for the 24th month (because the amount due will be € 52,493). These charges are detailed in the schedule that are being forwarded with the credit offer.


Exceptional events such as early repayment of the loan or late payments will incur additional costs. In the case of early redemption, the fees are fixed at 4% of the outstanding capital. Late payment will result in the payment of a Delay Interest calculated monthly and an amount equal to 1.5% of each outstanding monthly payment.

Lendix review: Default Rate

Each default rate necessarily reduces the interest of its portfolio, hence the importance of diversifying its investments between several platforms (example credit.fr) and several projects.

Default rates are rather good and make LENDIX one of the most serious platforms on the market. This is a crucial point to watch in all crowdfunding platforms, because if this rate is bad it is that the platform steals investors.

Lendix review: Interface

The site is clear and well done. The interface of the Lendix platform is very pleasant and offers good visibility. Each project is presented intelligently and we find in addition to rates, duration, also :

  •     A presentation of the company ;
  •     A presentation of the borrowing project ;
  •     A financial balance sheet ;
  •     A presentation of the company’s management team ;
  •     A Lendix analysis of the project ;

Lendix has an interface that is functional, you will find what you need.

Lendix review: Project rates and durations

The borrowing period can range from 18 to 48 months, with an amount between 30,000 and 300,000 euros. Incoming files must present at least two beneficiary balance sheets. They are then analyzed by the Credit Committee, which determines the risk level and the rate at which they will be presented to the lenders. Of course, the greater the risk, the higher the rate, which is normal.

Lendix review: The Projects

Having an understanding of the different activities of companies is the neuralgic center of the operation of Lendix because the selection is drastic.

An application for funding begins with the eligibility test. This first online test asks borrowers different elements :

  •     The SIREN of the company ;
  •     The funding sought amount ;
  •     The funding duration ;
  •     Turnover ;

If the turnover exceeds € 400,000, a member of the Borrower Relations team contacts the manager to find out his activity, his need and validate his eligibility :

  •     A head office in metropolitan France ;
  •     Operating a business ;
  •     With a turnover of more than 400 000 € ;
  •     And a positive operating result ;

If the borrower does not meet his criteria then he is simply not eligible and his application stops there by a refusal.

If the borrower is eligible then Lendix examines in more detail the profitability and the repayment capacity of the company thanks to its financial documents. At this stage, only 38% of the companies that have applied for funding are selected. A first analysis of the file is made with the objective of :

Test the repayment capacity of the borrower ;

Validate the need for financing (real development project, need for finances justified and repayable quickly …) ;

Ensure of the viability of the business. ;

Between 24 and 48 hours after the eligibility test, the file is taken care of by a Lendix credit analyst. Only 10.6% of companies come into the hands of the Credit team.

Lendix review: loans system

For the lenders, know that there are not auctions. The trend of auctions is a bit left behind, only unilend still does it.

For the investors, the expected return is significantly higher than the conventional savings with a pre-tax interest rate of 4 to 9%, which is after taking into account the defects that is always way more interesting than a booklet. Each lender chooses the projects that he wants to sustain or support and distributes the amount among the different projects. On the other hand, know that some projects are financed quickly, so quickly that sometimes you are not going to be able to invest; it is now common to find projects that funded in just a few hours.

Coter companies, the companies that request credit and whose application is accepted will receive a certain an amount of funds loaded by the lenders on the platform for 2 to 3 weeks. Once the amount is reached, maybe in a period of a few hours, the operation is closed. The principle of the first to come, the first served simply. It is interesting because if you don’t have any knowledge in finance the site will take care of everything, as much too even determine the correct rate as the recovery…

Lendix review: risks scale

It is worth to remember the risks of Crowdfunding which you must know before doing any investment (loss of your capital, unavailability…). The scale of risk according to the project is different from one platform to the other and lendix simply chooses to use the abc scale.

Each loan file has a note assigned (A+, A ,B+, B, or C)  that corresponds to an evaluation of risk performed by the financial analysts of Lendix.

The project note is based on external source, but also in:

  • Past financial strength
  • The coherence of the forecast
  • The maturity of the management team or of the promoter of the project
  • Compliance with payment terms in the past
  • Seniority and size of business
  • The sector of activity and its geographical area
  • The follow up of any past or ongoing collective procedures

The interest rates of the loan will there before depend on two variables:

  • The note assigned to the project
  • The period of refund

For Italian projects, there is now since May 2018 the “Fondo di Garanzia”: a guarantee of the State set up by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development to make credit more accessible to SMEs. In case of failure of an Italian project guaranteed by the “Fondo di Garanzia”, at least 40%, and up to 80% of your outstanding capital will be covered, regardless of your country of residence. This guarantee is completely free and reduces the risk associated with loans to lenders.

Lendix review: delays and defaults of payments

Lendix has very little delays and unpaid, it is now one of the best platform of Crowdfunding that you can find in Europe.

Lendix review: Insurance

Lendix currently does not propose or offers any lenders insurance unlike some platforms like Pretup or Prexem.

There is also borrower’s mortgage insurance as it can be offer in other platforms.

The return without a minimum risk does not exist, but the unknown risk is also a cause of diversification (in brief, do not lead everything to one company).

Lendix review: security

Lendix is verified by authorities and it is registered at ORIAS under number 15000364. The proof of commitment, you receive a form for the declaration of taxes. I only give you good sites to save your savings.

Transactions are secured via banking partner. No information on the FAQ’s indicates if such partner will continue with the payments in the event of Lendix bankruptcy.

The funds paid into the lenders account are managed by such partner.

Lendix requests specific validation for each investment made on the platform via a code sent to your mobile.

Lendix does not communicate on the country of the host of the data.

Lendix review: tax system

Interests on investment are taxable, for French individuals, in the category of investment income (RCM).

Spanish and Italian people also have tax.

For any other country you will not have any tax and you need to declare you profit by your local taxation.

Conclusion and my opinion on Lendix

Lending money to companies via websites dedicated to Crowdfunding can really pay off. Still it is necessary to choose the right platform and the right project and that is difficult; howeverlendix is a good choice on average.

As for the companies whether it is for total or partial financing of a project, they can benefit from a personalized support.

Lendix is a company on a human scale that knows perfectly the expectations of an entrepreneur, which is not necessarily found in a bank.

Personally I am very satisfied with the projects presented on the platform and the performance that it provides. My saving have never worked as well as ever since they are in crowdfunding

There is no real disadvantage on lendix, the only points that are less interesting are the fact that projects can be quickly funded, that sometimes I have problems investing and specially I hate the validation system via sms (mainly because I tend to invest with the accounts of others).

Resumefrom lendix

  • Interest rates among the best financial rates;
  • The amount of projects constantly rising;
  • The crowdfunding mind is there with interactivity between the lender and the borrower;
  • Plethora means for exchanging with the platform;
  • Comprehensive reporting;
  • The less of lendix
  • We always want more projects!
  • Length of investment among the longest;
  • Interface a bit austere




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