review is a french crowdlending website. is a crowdfunding website launched on the web in March 2015. It has undergone a great evolution in just a few years. Currently, it has its place in the Crowdlending market . Approved by ORIAS, the platform officially has the title of Intermediary in Participatory Financing or IFP . This review can give you a better idea of ​​the effectiveness and reputation of It was drawn after two passages from the website.

Main characteristic

  • French website
  • Return : about 5%
  • Regulated : Yes in France
  • Second market: no
  • Guaranty: no

Rate of return and investment times


If has a strong reputation in the crowdfunding market , it is because it promises investors the highest average rates . It must be said that the offer is very attractive. But there is a small problem. The investment periods are sometimes long. This tends to weaken profit. Note that the platform offers an average return of 7.56% over 46.6 months. On other Crowdlending sites like Pretup, the rate may exceed 8%. Yet, the average duration of the project is less than or equal to 30 months. reviews: registration

The registration is very simple but the site is entirely in French.

Bonus for registration


Enter the following code in the Sponsor Code (code parrainage in French) field when you register for a bonus of 20euros if you invest 200euros:


The evolution of projects at


The lack of projects is one of the weak points of many Crowdlending sites. Investors wait a long time before finding a new project. When a new investment opportunity comes up, you have to act quickly, because the offer expires within hours. members do not face this kind of problem. Although it is a recent crowdlending platform , it is already among the leaders in number of projects. If initially, the average amount borrowed is about 50,000 €. In 2017, the trend is up. Investors have the privilege of finding projects ranging from 100,000 to 400,000 €.

Description of has a major asset that distinguishes it from other crowdfunding sites. This is the importance of its community of lenders. The platform registers more than 14,000 members. This is why the closing of projects is fast . This has its advantages and disadvantages. The positive side is that immediate reinvestment of capital and interest is possible. What is negative is that you have to react in time by making the investment as soon as the offer is published.


We must talk about another strong point of At this Crowdlending site , all projects are fortunate to be funded. Indeed, the platform decided to contribute to the financing of each project presented via a fund managed by TIKEHAU CAPITAL. Thus, if the necessary capital is not met, it is up to the site to pay the missing amount.

Statistics in a few lines


Obviously, faced with the development of the crowdfunding market , it is impossible to give accurate statistics. The numbers are changing very quickly. At the latest news, has already proposed 269 projects. There are 14633 registered investors on this website o 2018. The total amount financed is € 17,756,300. On the other hand, the platform does not give the number of lenders.

  Default rate


The default rate is one of the criteria to consider when assessing the reliability of a Cowdlending site. He must always remain weak. has managed to meet this challenge. The latest barometer does indeed show that the default rate is controlled with this platform.

The various partners of has earned the trust of Hello Bank. This banking company has announced its association with the Crowdlending website in September 2016. In other words, the number of lenders has increased. The platform will attract more companies. also became the property of the management company Tikelau Capital on June 29, 2017. Following this acquisition, the Crowdlending site was entitled to a fund of 30 million euros in January 2018. It will therefore be able to invest more in projects up to 50%.

Website interface offers a rather correct interface . It guarantees a good visibility of each project. In addition, users of the site are entitled to a lot of information about the company applying for a loan. They also access a presentation of the project, the financial balance sheet of the borrower and the opinion of


However, it should still do better in terms of the quality of the data provided. Investors would have liked to have more details. It should also be noted that this crowdfunding site does not yet have the ” investment robot ” feature.


Reporting attributed to investors offers its lenders a complete report . It comprises :

  •     the list of projects and details of deadlines
  •     loan contracts
  •     account statement
  •     personal data
  •     tax records



The mobile application of


For some time, crowdfunding platforms have developed mobile apps. This is the case of Lendopolis and Lendix. Cré does not have one yet. The reason is simple. Using the website from a mobile device is quite enjoyable.

The means of contact


To get in touch with, there are several possible options to know:

  •     the information blog
  •     the lender FAQ section
  •     the Facebook page
  •     the Twitter page
  •     Cré customer service can be contacted on +33 (0) 1 82 28 84 44
  •     the contact form


The platform should also offer a chat in Live for a quick contact. In addition, it must offer a simple solution that allows lenders to communicate with borrowers.

All about means of payment and refund

To feed your account at, you can use the credit card + 3D Secure and the bank transfer. Each investor can place 50 to 2,000 € on each project . This is a shame for the tight budget lenders. At some Crowdlending sites, the minimum investment amount is € 20.


Refund is paid monthly. The sum to be collected is composed of a portion of the capital and interest. The flat-rate and social deductions are deducted in advance.

Insurance and cost of service

Unlike other platforms like Pretup and Prexem, does not offer lending insurance . As for the service charge , there is none. The platform collects its reward from the borrower.

The scale of risks has developed a 3-level risk scale :


  •     BALANCED
  •     DYNAMIC

All transactions made at go through SMONEY. Lenders therefore have an account with this e-money institution. All this to offer maximum security to users of the site. However, no validation is required when making an investment, which is the case at octuber. Finally, it should be mentioned that the website is hosted in Ireland.


Strong points :


  •     best interest rate
  •     number of projects high
  •     evolutionary platform
  •     a large lender community
  •     maximum project amount
  •     low default rate
  •     quality interface
  •     secure payment by S-Money


Weak points :


  • long project duration
  • lack of data in reporting, statistics and project sheets
  • non-existent communication between lenders and borrowers
  • accommodation in Ireland
  • minimum investment amount too high
  • no mobile app
  • only in French




Very nice website


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