Viainvest review

What is Viainvest?

Viainvest can be considered as a peer to peer lending marketplace, which is specifically designed to cater the needs of private lenders. Any private lender, who is looking forward to invest in loans that are provided by non-bankinglenders,will be able to go ahead and use this platform. It is mainly made out of consumer loan requests that are originated from countries across the Europe. Poland, Latvia and few other Eastern European countries have received much attention out of them.


Viainvest review: How does Viainvest work?


Viainvest differs a lot from the traditional banking methods. That’s because private investors are provided with comprehensive access to the non-banking sector. This is done via a simple process.


When a borrower goes ahead and requests funds from the Viainvest group, an active contract will appear on the marketplace automatically. This will be made available for the public investments as well. Every investor is provided with complete control over how much he needs to invest. In addition, this platform offers ability to select what loan to be invested in as well.


Viainvestreview: What are the Advantages of Investing in Viainvest?


The key benefit associated with investing in Viainvest is its transparency. You know what is happening to your investment at all times. Therefore, you will get the opportunity to keep peace of mind with your investments. On the other hand, all investors of Viainvest are provided with comprehensive support at any given time of the day. This will help you to make sure that you don’t end up with any frustration while you are working on the platform. Over 10,000 active loans are being added to Viainvest on a daily basis. Hence, you can make sure that you never run out of options as an investor.


Viainvestreview: When Did Viainvest Launch?


Viainvest was launched during late 2016. It received a lot of attention within a short period of time. Investors are keen to explore this exciting opportunity available for them and grab the most out of it. Hence, we can expect the popularity of Viainvest to further increase in future.


Viainvestreview: How Do I Sign Up?


Any interested person will be able to go ahead and sign up for an account in Viainvest. No special requirements or qualifications are needed for the people to obtain the membership of this platform. It is open for all and any person will be able to do it with minimum hassle.


The process of signing up with Viainvest is extremely simple as well. You just need to go through a traditional sign up form, which you will be able to find in many other websites. In other words, no extraordinary information will be requested from you during the sign up process.


You don’t need to have any technical knowledge to complete the sign up process as well. In other words, the sign up process is straightforward and you will have to input basic details of you. For example, you will have to add your name, address, passport number, date of birth and some other information. You can do it within a couple of minutes and gain your access to Viainvest platform.


When you are about to start using Viainvest, you need to have a basic understanding about internal taxation as well. This will provide you with the opportunity to use the platform without encountering any frustration. You will also be able to notice the transparency of the platform by being aware of internal taxation.


As per the official information released by Viainvest, the company is obliged to provide internal taxation for all profits that are earned. This is done according to the law. Even though we are not too sure about the other P2P platforms that does this, we can make sure that Viainvest is adhering to the law. However, it is important to keep in mind that the exact internal tax percentage depends based on the country where the loan is originated. For example, the tax percentage for a loan originated in United States will be much different from the tax percentage for a loan originated from China. Due to this reason, you will need to have a basic understanding about taxation in your country to access Viainvest and use it as well.


Viainvestreview: Who Can Open an Account?


Both legal as well as private entities are provided with the ability to go ahead and become investors within the Viainvest platform. Then they will be able to start working on their private investments as individuals. However, it is important to keep in mind that an investor should be at least 18 years old to sign up and start venturing into the investments.


Viainvestreview: regulated


Viainvest is a regulated platform and they have made sure that there is no possibility for fraud to happen. This can be considered as one of the most interesting features that you will be able to find within the platform.


What are The Minimum Deposit / Investment?


Soon after the sign up, an investor can go ahead and venture into the available investment opportunities. However, you need to keep in mind that the platform has a minimum investment amount of 10 Euros. Therefore, you should be careful to deposit at least 10 Euros to get into your investments along with this platform. No additional fees are associated with investing. Therefore, you will be able to go ahead with the investments while keeping peace of mind.


Viainvest Review: Selectivity


Any person will be able to go ahead and invest on Viainvest. There are no such special selection criteria. It is up to you to take your own risk and start making money. However, the chances of you ending up with frustration have been minimized and it can provide convenient investment opportunities for everyone.


Viainvest Review: Special Offers


Special offers are provided to the investors by Viainvest time to time. It is up to you to keep an eye on these special offers. If there is an offer, don’t think twice before you go ahead and grab it. You will be amazed with the long term benefits that these special offers can deliver.


Viainvest Review: Volume


There are no volume restrictions while you are investing on Viainvest. You will be able to start the investments from just 10 Euros and go for investment opportunities as much as you can. To deposit money, you will have to transfer into their bank account. All bank account information is available on the website for your reference. All payments that you make will be processed within a period of two working days.


Viainvest Review: Rates and Durations


There aren’t any duration restrictions in Viainvest. This can be considered as another important aspect that you can find in the investment platform. It will also help you to enjoy peace of mind in the long run.


Viainvest Review: Sponsorship


No sponsorship opportunities are currently available in Viainvest. If there are any investment opportunities, you will be able to get to know about them. However, there aren’t any such opportunities available as of now.


Viainvest Review: How to Credit your Account and Minimum Investment Amount


As mentioned earlier, the minimum investment amount supported by the investment platform is 10 Euros. You will not be able to go ahead and deposit less than 10 Euros. In order to deposit money into the Viainvest account, you will have to go ahead and do funds transfer. They have provided an account number of Swedbank under the name Viainvest. You can deposit your investment amount to this bank account. The payment you do will be processed within a period of just two days. It is also important to keep in mind that the very first payment that you do should be done from a personal investor bank account, which operates along with European Union. This regulation has been implemented mainly for identification purposes.


Viainvest Review: Repayment


The available funds for withdrawal will be displayed in your investor profile. You can access the investor profile and see how much money you have to proceed with the withdrawal. The funds will be displayed in Euro. In addition, you will only be provided with the ability to go ahead and withdraw the currencies in Euro.


When you are requesting for a withdrawal on the platform, you will be asked to provide a documentation of proof. In here, you need to scan one of your identification documents and submit. It can be your ID card or the passport. This will also assist you to make sure that you adhere to the anti-money laundering laws.


The available funds can be withdrawn to the private bank account that you used to make the first deposit.


Viainvest Review: Cost of the Services


Before you start investing with Viainvest, you will have to keep an idea about the cost of the service as well. Both incoming payments and outgoing payments are not subjected to any expenses. In other words, you will be able to experience the services for free. Moreover, the registration fee as well as the service fee is offered for free as well.


Viainvest Review: Condition for Lenders


There aren’t any special conditions that the system has implemented for lenders. Due to this reason, you will be able to go ahead with your investment opportunities without worrying too much on restrictions.


Viainvest Review: Risk


Like all other investment opportunities, you will need to be aware about the risk factor associated with the investments, while you are using Viainvest. The developers of this platform have taken appropriate steps in order to control it. But still, you will need to be aware of the risks before you go ahead and invest. In other words, you shouldn’t invest money that you cannot afford to lose.


Viainvest Review: Insurances and Warranties


There is a Buyback guarantee available for all amounts that you invest on the platform. This can be considered as an investment security, which can help you avoid frustrations. For example, if the loan contract is delayed for a period of over 30 days, you will be able to receive the benefits out of buyback guarantee. All loans are secured via the buyback guarantee as well.


Viainvest Review: Return


The Return on Investment this platform will be able to deliver you is impressive. You will be able to gain exciting results out of money that you invest on the platform.


Viainvest Review: The Interface

Viainvest has been provided with an exciting interface as well. You will never get confused while you are using this interface in order to figure out what you need. You can make sure that you never go wrong with the investments while you are using the hassle free interface.


Viainvest Review: Conclusion


As you can see, Viainvest can be considered as one of the most prominent investment platforms available out there for you to use. You will never go wrong while you are using the platform. It can always increase your chances of ending up with positive results. Therefore, you can also think about venturing into your new investment opportunities with Viainvest.


There are few drawbacks associated with Viainvest as well. When reviewing the service, it is important to leave a note on these drawbacks as well. Then you will be able to make a choice based on the information you have at your hands. The overall website of Viainvest is a poorly designed one. You will not get any excitement to use the features while you are browsing through the website. On the other hand, directories and content offered by the website are not properly outlined as well. Some of the information that Viainvest should provide to the users are not properly highlighted. On the other hand, people who go through this platform’s website will find it as a difficult task to determine what exactly they are trying to offer.


Other than the above mentioned drawbacks, there aren’t any major cons associated with Viainvest. Before we conclude, you must take a look at the factors, which differentiate Viainvest from the other similar service providers available on the internet. Viainvest is looking forward to provide a proper education for the interested people on financial services. Therefore, you don’t need to have previous experiences with such services. You will be able to grab the knowledge that you want and move from the scratch. Hence, Viainvest can be considered as an excellent platform available for the beginners to get started with their investment activities as well. On the other hand, the developers of Viainvest have paid special attention towards the security factor. Hence, the money you invest in Viainvest is always safe.

Mintos review

Mintos review: What is Mintos?

The word ‘mintos’ comes from mint. In Old English, it is a word meaning:

  • a place where coins are made from metal;
  • an abundant amount of something, especially of money;
  • a place or source of manufacture or invention;
  • producing something for the first time.

Thus, our name – Mintos – reflects our mission to facilitate free and efficient movement of capital through technology.

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What is crowdlending?

Crowdlending refers to loans for funding companies or individuals, which is consequently categorized as borrowed capital. Crowd lending is also known as peer-to-peer (P2P) or social lending because funding is provided by individuals or companies that are not financial institutions or financial intermediaries8. Referring to the distinguishing criterion mentioned above to differentiate sub-types of crowd funding, participants (funding providers) receive a payment in return for their funding made available to the project developer (borrower), typically in the form of interest, and although participating loans9 or bonds / notes issuances are also possible. The amount of the interest or return payment varies depending on the risk of the project and borrower, but typically represents a lower interest charge for the borrower that traditional bank lending. Continue reading “Crowdlending”

What is real estate crowdfunding?

What is real estate crowdfunding?

The real estate crowdfunding involves the pooling of funds by several investors in a real estate project. This form of crowdfunding is different from crowdfunding based on rewards, venture and loan in terms of how investments are made, the type of potential return investors have and the level of risk involved.

There are two basic ways to invest in crowdfunding real estate transactions. First, investors may make equity investments in commercial or residential properties. In exchange for financing the project, the investor receives a stake in the property. The returns are realized in the form of a share of the rental income generated by the property. Investors generally receive quarterly payments.

Debt investments are an alternative to equity. When you invest in debt, you invest in the mortgage associated with a particular property. Loans are repaid with interest, and then a percentage is paid to each investor involved in the transaction. These payments can be made monthly or quarterly.

Between the two, equity investments offer the potential for higher returns because the profitability of a debt investment is limited by the interest rate associated with the loan. On the other hand, equity investments carry a higher degree of risk and generally require a longer holding period, which makes them more non-liquid. Equity investors are also at the top of the capital stack, which means they are the last to be repaid.

As with any other investment, it is important to exercise due diligence by investing in real estate crowdfunding. This ensures that investors connect with the right platform and invest in offers that match their goals and risk tolerance.

Here are some tips that investors should keep in mind to make sure their real estate crowdfunding experience goes well:

Choose the Right Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform: There are dozens of real estate crowdfunding platforms to choose from and they vary in their investment approach. The first step for investors is to look carefully at technology-based crowdfundingpotential platforms to identify those that are most likely to meet their needs. For example you have immocracy

Carefully consider the fundamentals of each investment: Contrary to what some may assume, choosing to invest in real estate using one of these qualified platforms does not mean that they are investment advisers. Although many platforms process transactions in advance, they are not all. While a particular platform may seem best to start investing in real estate, it is always recommended that investors discuss the details with a financial advisor or trustee first.

Make sure you consider the liquidity timeline: Real estate has very different liquidity schedules as well as unique performance profiles for each individual investment. For example, with respect to investments in debt securities, you may consider a retention period of six months to two years. With equity investments, the holding period can be up to 10 years. Understanding how long you are ready to make an agreement at the outset is a necessity when making investment decisions.

Do not forget the risk: While real estate investing itself can help diversify and strengthen a portfolio, there are many types of investments in the category to consider in order to diversify risk. As mentioned earlier, equity investments tend to be riskier than debt investments, but there is a tradeoff in the type of return investors receive. In the end, investors must weigh these two factors against each other to determine which option is the most appropriate.

As you have seen, crowdfunding in general and real estate crowdfunding in particular is developing day by day, and it has become clear that this type of financing is the new economic wave that will revolutionize the modern economy including the real estate.


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Lendy review

Adding the letter “Y”, to the much hyped word “LEND”, was an innovative and trendy marketing innovation when two young entrepreneurs decided to take the might of the United Kingdom’s banking industry and offer a more attractive investment portfolio for all those investors big and small, an initiative which brought richer dividends than the run of the mill investment savings accounts, into which everyone puts their hard earned money into.

The birth of Lendy the Property Platform brought a new dimension to the stalemate property market in the United Kingdom where the banking industry was fighting shy of lending money on a fast shrinking property market where their returns were not as attractive as laying their hands on more lucrative investments with the richer and more stabilized corporate borrowers.


Lendy the Property Platform, whilst throwing caution to the winds, to securely protect investors under their wings, are also prudent to extend opportunities for property developers and investors, who would otherwise have to run from pillar to post, to procure the funding that they would require to proceed with their entrepreneurial ideas.

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estateguru review

What is estate guru?

Estate guru is a very popular organization which has been formed by property professionals. This company supports lending through peers and also facilitates property loans for short term and also mid term. Many customers are attracted to deal with estate guru due to the flexibility and lenient procedures which are inculcated within the organization. It is the main goal of this company to provide flexible and hassle free financing procedures to entrepreneurs, property developers. The success of estate guru will be growing further up due to its convenient methods implemented. Estate guru is successfully established in Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia. Estate guru has been able to attract so many businessman, entrepreneurs and investors who seek for better opportunities for a better return and success in the near future. By dealing with estate guru, no one becomes a looser. Everyone gains something better out of it. Therefore it is always a win win situation than one side party profit seeking.

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Bondora Review

Review on Bondora

 What is Bondora?

In short, Bondora API is an organisation that seeks to help investors with strategies and customised investment plans. They are very supportive of investors who are involved in trade and commerce, and apart from the customised investment plans, they also provide granular reporting.

How does this differ from Portfolio Managers? Isn’t it essentially the same thing? The answer to this is no. Bondora API can provide investors flexibility that others cannot provide. Bondora’s interface for accessing functionality called API provides investors with a range of avenues in which they can invest in providing them in-depth solutions in a transparent mode. At this interface, investors will be able to have total access to all of Bondora’s applications and services.

As an investor with Bondora, you have a definite edge over others who seek the assistance of Portfolio Managers. With information, statistics, analytics provided at your fingertips, investors will be able to bid on investments and loans that suit their budget – what’s best is that it can all be accessed by one click on a single screen.  Each investor will be able to get the most out of the data and services that are freely available to them, by using a common programming language.

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Crowdfunding is a financial transaction tools and methods that involve large numbers of people to fund a project.

This mode of financing is done without the help of the traditional actors of the financing, it is said disintermediated. The emergence of participatory financing platforms was permitted through the Internet and social networks, supplementing or replacing traditional subscriptions. This trend is part of a more global movement: that of collaborative consumption and participatory production.

3 Big categories of crowdfunding

Participatory financing includes 3 big categories subdivided in many small categories
• Donations and reward based crowdfunding
• Crowdlending (include with and without interest) (also known as credit crowdfunding, crowdlending, peer-to-peer lending or private equity) from enterprise or between particular
• Equity crowdfunding including royalties crowdfunding

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